From stereo to 3D-sound

First of all many thanks to all artists for letting me use your music.
Binaural mixes are the future!

The instrumental tracks for the binaural mixes were very well prepared.

  • they were available to me as 32-bit floating point files and had the same sampling rate as the mixing session in WAV or AIFF format.
  • they all had the same starting point.
  • the limiting or strong volume changes in the stereo mix were kept to a minimum.
  • There was enough headroom for high quality and natural sounding binaural mixes.
  • The multiple microphone signals from one instrument were mixed to one track.There was no spatial information like reverb and delay on the track..
  • Exception: an artist (here a guitar player with his effect pedals) has expressly insisted on it because it belongs to his sound.
  • There were absolutely no digital overloads and distortions.
  • and for reference, they sent me the stereo mix they’ve created.

TOP !!

You feel like it, too?

For more information and further possibilities for binaural mixes, to contact us or to receive a non-binding quote, please use the contact button.

This example is an original composition. My first binaural mix ever. The spatial reproduction fits perfectly to the trance-like music. That's what I call immersive audio, you bathe in sound for the time of 12 minutes.
Enjoy !
You can listen to more binaural music on our bandcamp page.

"Madre" is a remix of a very atmospheric song. The voice of the child and the atmosphere of the music inspired me to recreate a church as an ambience. I placed the child's voice on the right balcony of the church and the first guitar on the left as an answering musical counterpart.
The direct comparison of the binaural mix with the stereo mix clearly shows how much more pleasant and natural 3D sounds.
Although any headphone model can be used for binaural reproduction, I recommend at least medium quality and moderate volume. The better the headphones, the finer and more detailed the listening experience.

That was fun !!

The men's choir is a somewhat backward recording with close-miking technique, a microphone for each singer. Just the normal procedure. The stereo mixes are quite good. The stereo image of the singers is well balanced.

And then I got permission to mix these songs for binaural and present them online.
Wow, the sun rose.
Fantastic three-dimensionality, the location of the individual singers is perfect. In order to give the soloists a suitable performance, I placed them about a meter further forward with the automation in the DAW. So in front of the others, closer to the human ear. That's something other than a simple boost in volume. The change in distance also changes the frequency content of the voice and the relationship between direct sound and reflections. As if the singer were taking a step forward.
But listen for yourself. You can easily switch back and forth between the stereo mix and the binaural mix.

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